Finding the right MLM team to join up with can be a difficult task, but if you love to travel as well, the choice may have gotten a whole lot easier. World Ventures is a travel club that offers amazing deals to its members. Members join for a one-time fee and a monthly maintenance fee (which is negligible considering the savings on the vacation packages). Members get to choose from vacations such as white water rafting to staying in exotic locations at the most elite hotels.

That in and of itself is reason for anyone to join, but World Ventures also acts as a marketing network, affording its members six unique ways to earn revenue. Plus, this is a MLM like no other since instead of meeting up with your downstream at conventions, you’ll likely wind up taking vacations with them, making some unique contacts and friendships–both in the real and business world.

About World Ventures

In December of 2005, World Ventures was founded by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue in Plano, Texas. Over the past eight years, the company has proved itself a solid contender in the 8 trillion dollar a year travel industry, bringing some well-needed discounted vacations to an economically embattled population. For those looking for MLM opportunities, this is a good sign, especially given the fact that the company has expanded out into a corporate headquarters that staffs over 170 people.

Plus, with travel spending expected to continue to increase as the web plays a more and more significant role in booking vacation discounts, World Ventures is poised in the right place at the right time. Those who decide to become a member and thus, an associate, figure to share in some of that success if they know what they’re doing.

What Does it Cost to Join World Ventures?

In order to become a member of World Ventures and access the vacation and trip discounts, you have to pay $199 upon joining and then $24.95 each month. This does two things: it grants you access to the amazing deals and online offers World Ventures provides for its members and it turns you into your own travel agent. Essentially, it’s a quick way to become your own travel agent, gaining access to online travel tutorials, a retail travel website and even the travel agent exam.

There are also plenty of opportunities for advancement with higher level industry training in travel booking for the exclusive vacation packages known as “Dream Trips.”

How to Make Money with World Ventures MLM Network

Perhaps the most exciting part about World Ventures is the business opportunity they offer their members. For most that join up with World Ventures, the deal is twofold–not only are you getting some great vacation packages, but you’re also given the opportunity to be a successful network marketer. Using a binary compensation plan, you’ll become a Leisure Travel Consultant, receiving your very own website. When someone books through your website, you’ll be paid a commission.

You can also simply sign up your friends and family, but the opportunity here is far too great to just stop there. The Internet is buzzing with people searching for travel discounts and deals. Harnessing even just a fraction of that traffic and driving it into your site with smart inbound marketing strategies can translate into some big bucks. Of course, to be successful with this, you have to know at least a little bit about internet marketing (especially MLM strategies).

Six Ways to Make Money with World Ventures

In actuality, there are six ways that you can turn a profit with World Ventures:

Direct Commissions.

These occur when you personally make a sale, be it a Dream Trip membership sale, a Leisure Travel Consultant sale or any combination of the two. Typical commissions average about $20 each sale.

Personal Sales Bonuses.

With six sales, you receive a personal sales bonus of $250 cash and $100 in training dollars which is simply money that can be applied towards any company training program you wish to attend. This happens every 6 sales you make, so for every $120 you make, you also make $250 cash and $100 training credit.

Weekly Team Building Bonus (Cycles).

Binary compensation plans rely on your left and right team matching up. When they do, you receive a $100 bonus for that cycle. You can cycle between 20-30 times each day, leading to some big earnings. Plus, during the first two months, the cycle bonus is $200.

Residual Income.

At every sixth cycle, you earn between $20 and $40 in residual income, meaning the more you cycle, the more you earn in bonuses, commissions and residuals.

Travel Dollars.

At every sixth cycle, you also earn $100 Travel Dollars which can be used to book travel through Rovia for you or anyone in your immediate family.

Lifestyle Bonuses.

As you gain rank advancements, you also get what are called “Lifestyle Bonuses” to reward you with the lifestyle befitting a salesman of your caliber. For example, as Regional Marketing Director, you get a $1,000 per month Dream Car Bonus which can go towards a monthly payment to whichever car you desire. At International Marketing Director, that bonus jumps to $1,500 plus you get a $3,000 per month Dream House Bonus, which should be self-explanatory.

Is World Ventures MLM Compensation Plan Right for You?

As you can see, there are many benefits towards joining up with World Ventures. Not only do you have tons of incentives to sell, you also can make money through MLM marketing while going on vacations at highly discounted prices. If you love to travel and make money, then World Ventures is right up your alley.

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Finding the right MLM team to join up with can be a difficult task, but if you love to travel as well, the choice may have gotten a whole lot easier. World Ventures is a travel club that offers amazing deals to its members. Members join for a one-time...